You look out of the window
See the tree shoved around by the wind
The cars are semi-conscious
Never think about whose space they're trampling in
You're window is your eye
Till you look up and see the wall you're covered in

Somebody built some towers
Contrary to contracts they forgot to sign
Committees spending hours
Looking up and seeing they had no more time
The funds are running out while new problems
Running in
The bottom of the lake is dry
The ocean's coming in
And you look out of the window
You look and see the sky
And you ask "Is this still mine?"

The earth is wobbling
The surface is squabbling
Where you wanna go?
Don't you wanna know
Beyond your street
Beyond your fence
They're tearing up the earth
They're relocating dirt
Somewhere else
Anywhere else
They're right outside your door
It's going on right down below
You might as well just stay put

You're walking out the door
The cars are looming larger in the atmosphere
The sunset flashes signs
Implying something's good
Beyond the locking buildings here
You decide on a direction as soon as it's safe to cross
First get blasted by machines that let you know who's boss
And you walk out of the door
Walk and walk some more
And know that it is yours

The earth is stalling
The mobs are malling
Where you wanna go?
Don't you wanna know?
Inside your town
Inside your precinct
They've covered up the grass
They're burying the past
It's all fresh and new
You get some too
You're part of the big change
It's now become unclear
In what capacity we function here

You look out your window
See the tree standing where it's always stood
I look into your face
And try to see the toll the world would take if it could
I look back at the window and know that something's not been understood.

Copyright 2000 Ripworth Smopsley